Why is this Legacy service needed?

There is no Consultancy-led equivalent.

Is that not what education provides?

Invariably, its focus is on 'complexities'.


To enable Leadership to 'condition' people.

And Consultancy?

Consultancy should provide factual output.

Why is the initiative unique?

Its output is derived from universal understandings.

What are they?

The soundest fundamental understandings in existence.

Where do they come from?

Disparate forms of science-related expertise.

Is there a commitment to publish this Core material?



When meaningful release can be for the benefit of all.

Is the project looking for a way to achieve this?


What would it take?

Viable access to wide-scale reach.

And in the meantime?

The potentials will be enshrined within Trust arrangements.

What will be the primary objective?

Helping adults, especially the disadvantaged.

And, more widely?

For the benefit of upcoming generations.


'About' provides background insights.