About Science

The scope of science is extensive, covering most areas of human interest.

Much of it 'publicly' funded, not all of it is for upside purposes.

From the microscopic to the outer reaches of the cosmos, scientific knowledge is gained.

Most of it is costly, not all of it is for sound advancements.

Included in the destructive aspects is weaponry capable of massive destruction.

Countless other destructive forms exist, that are rarely even admitted.


Science of Mind

Although all is the product of Mind, far too little is discussed about the Mind side of Life.

More-so, far too little is admitted about the destructive aspects of Mind.

They are exploited from Leadership downward, mostly to the detriment of the wider populations.

The outcome is that the biases of vested interests continue to mislead.

Unacknowledged by anyone, Science long-since identified the needed understandings.

They exist, as-good-as 'hidden' within Core/Bedrock/Universal findings.


Core Science

The Bedrock findings are the product of the greatest thinkers from throughout history.

Amongst all the costs and complexities, they are barely recognized.

Completely unrecognized by most people are their issue-resolving potentials.

'SciKeys' is part of a Legacy initiative that will raise awareness of them.

The reason for doing so is to help reduce the harm caused by the human race.

Paramount is to mitigate the accumulating damage for upcoming generations.


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