Whilst the upside of human endeavour is evident, the downsides are massively damaging.

Together with Life overall, and the planet more widely, billions of people are harmed.

Most adversely affected are the disadvantaged amongst all age groups.

This includes the vast majority of the children.

Their disadvantages can commence before birth, and continue into adulthood.

The damage can be such that it is irreversible before they can help themselves.

Draining governments and nations, the downsides are also costly to most other entities.

The resultant damage represents an altogether unsound legacy.

In relation, Man appears oblivious to a priceless level of potentials that could help relief.

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In development is a Legacy project that anyone can contribute to, and everyone can benefit from.

It will raise awareness of the scope for improved issue-resolution.

The method used is to apply scientific Core/Bedrock/Universal ‘Keys'.

They are the Base understandings that apply to everything.

Output is to be relevant to all via Web-driven services.

Unlike many other Web facilities, this service will be eminently simple to use.

Along with helping adults, priority is to assist upcoming generations.

Consistent emphasis will be on achieving non-malevolent advancements.



Designed to be ongoing, Joint Ventures will be pursued with those that have reach.

This will include through numerous educational establishments.

Contributors will be required to:

Operate all aspects with inscrutable integrity.

Work with/identify/release the soundest-possible solutions.

Deliver them for the upside benefit of all.

Applied expertly, with the expedient use of the Keys, these optimums can be met.

Practical limitations will arise only from end-user constraints.

Output will adhere to consistent formats and formulae that are enduring.

So as to serve differing needs, deliveries are to be sub-divided into generic areas.

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The foremost aims are:

Reach all nations/peoples/languages.

Enable anyone to contribute, and everyone to benefit.

Be managed/operated/backed by top skills, including IT, Legal, Accounting and Education.

For cost-effective Scale, the aim is to establish JV’s with digitally-erudite contacts.


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