Starting Points

As perhaps the first UK Royal to state in public quite so succinctly, Prince Harry recently observed in a televised interview to the effect that “If something cannot be proven scientifically then it is unlikely to be true”.

There are of course potential exceptions to this stance amongst the myriad complexities of existence at a day-to-day level, but, if they do exist, they are remarkably few in number at the heart of it all, and probably of no major consequence.

As for all others, and has been known to a growing degree for nearly half a century, as-good-as without exception, everything else can be reduced to a finite number of definitive understandings that are fundamentally incontrovertible by their very nature.

Not altogether unsurprisingly, to the extent that this has been realized, the biases of vested interests have averted their public awareness to the extent that human viability – and the global ecology – are both under a degree of escalating threat as a consequence – with no evident viably-adequate solutions being in evidence for the vast majority of related issues.

Far from ignoring these threatening consequences therefore, all caring individuals and responsible organisations need to examine the inherent potential for a reversal in the decline in the overall global Wellbeing, and especially for up-coming generations of advanced Life overall.

In that the vast majority of the visible side of existence is already well understood, the starting point is an open-minded study of what is being described as ‘The fundamentals of existence’ by Derek Whittall, the original compiler of a comprehensive compilation, if not a complete construct.

A retired specialist Consultant and now well into his 70’s, and with challenging chronic health issues, his Legacy wish is that this work is placed meaningfully into the public domain for the benefit of everyone – along the lines of the Human Genetic Code that is already yielding health benefits on a wide-scale basis.

Hugely versatile in its applications, the underlying compilation relies upon the most enduring of scientifically-supported understandings.

As initial starting points, the studies included for example:

Balance is of the essence.

There are two sides to everything.

Everything is hierarchical.

Everything is vibrational.

Everything is paradoxical.

However, as became self-evident, even these initial examples needed far-sounder qualification than was immediately available in a cohesive form.

As the work progressed, it also became increasingly difficult to identify even initial starting points, let-alone how the pieces combined to create a meaningful understanding of all of existence, together with a cohesive explanation of the actual interaction between the visible and invisible sides of existence.

The process became progressively more demanding when defining the underlying factors pertinent to the all-important invisible side of Life.

Notwithstanding, a meaningful collective of incontrovertible examples were identified that not-only embraced conscious existence but of wider existence also.

Whether proven to be complete or not, the combined impartial output is comprehensive and worthy of being placed in the public domain for all to share.

As a legacy contribution, the purpose of doing so is with a view to helping to reverse and resolve many of the pressing issues that are lacking adequate solutions at this time.

Their application promises improvements at every level in the quality of life for individuals, family units, communities, nations and globally, along with scope to help to reverse the current trends of damage to the planet, the elements, and the remainder of Life on this planet.

Far from therefore recommencing this invaluable work from scratch, the soundest, and most time-efficient, way forward is for these findings to be placed in the public domain for the benefit of everyone.

Any refinements or improvements that can then be identified and contributed to this initial work can then be considered in a more cost-and-time effective way, also in the public domain, for the benefit of everyone, in much the same way as the initial Genome Code is being refined for further advancements.

The incentive therefore exists for each major ITC organization, and every conscientious user of any of them, to support these potentials – with, or without, draconian changes in laws that enforce better protection of their users.

Similarly, there exists compelling incentives for every individual and organization to take up the challenge of changing the course of history onto a far sounder, and more sustainable, course of action.

Those interested in assisting any form of meaningful delivery are invited to make contact via ''

Prior Reading is at 'Derek' as set out by the actual originator of these potentials.

That information includes an initial indication as to some of the most pressing of global issues that can be addressed, and best supported, via the major IT providers.

There are many other options that can be advanced across the spectrum of numerous organisations, charitable and otherwise.

Additional reading can be found at 'Acuity of'